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In addition to the news and irc services we also offer a banner exchange program to help advertise your system. The banner exchange program is for bbs and bbs-scene related pages only, nothing else is accepted. This way you can be assured of a high click through rate since the people who will see your banner are already on a bbs or bbs related page.

Our banner exchange system is run on a dedicated server which sits on a gigabit pipe in a dedicated server farm, not on some residential dsl or cable connection. This way you can be assured that our banner system will be up and fast so that your pages don't lag while trying to pull a banner. For every add you show your add will be shown 2 times on other bbs systems. Nothing can be easier and cheaper (it's free!)

Create your account below. Once an admin reviews your banner ad and url your ad will start to show up on other systems that use the bbs-scene banner exchange.

If you have any questions or need help visit our support page

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The banner must measure 468 x 60 pixels.


  • Dec 14 22 - Welcome back everyone. This is not the original website but some what meant as a functional Archive. Not many things function. Mainly just the banner exchange right now. IRC and news coming soon.





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